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Townsville Tri Club

Our Training Sessions


We run 3 sessions weekly running, aquathon and tri. Sessions may change depending on the availability of the coaches and any local events. We recommend liking us on facebook to stay up to date with weekly sessions.

Thursday Running

Meet Coach Tim at the Riverway Oval near car park for an hour of power. No sign up required. S...

Friday Aquathon

Friday morning sessions are aquathon based. No bike required, just running and swimming. Great...

Sunday Tri

Sunday Morning Sessions we combine all three elements of Triathlon. These are run from the Rock P...

About Us

TOWNSVILLE TRI CLUB is the perfect club for families and individual athletes alike. Swim, bike, run and ... HAVE FUN!

Members are from a wide variety of backgrounds and each member has their own personal goal to achieve. Whether it be purely for fitness or just being social, we even support the more serious competitor vying for their spot on a national team.

We welcome all ages and personalities to our club and hope that each member enjoys their own specific goal.

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